NGOs which have revolutionised healthcare in India

NGOs which have revolutionised healthcare in India

With large sections of people in India remaining outside the formal healthcare system due to poor access and high cost, several NGOs are working to bridge the gap.

ONE among the numerous challenges in the healthcare sector in India has been the lack of access to quality services for the poor and marginalised communities. This has been largely due to dismal investment in public healthcare which is just at 1% of the GDP — among the lowest in the world.

The healthcare infrastructure came under considerable strain during the Covid-19 pandemic and exposed its shortcomings. But there are several NGOs which are identifying the root causes of healthcare challenges and are coming up with innovative solutions. They are working in various areas such as child and reproductive health, nutrition, early identification of diseases, and treatment of communicable diseases.

1. Doctors For You

Doctors for You (DFY) was founded in 2007 by doctors, medical students and like-minded people with a vision of “health for all”. Currently, DFY is working on various projects in 17 different states across India involving healthcare professionals, disaster management practitioners, social workers, etc. It reaches out to segments affected by extreme poverty, disasters, neglect and years of injustice.

Their major focus is to address the healthcare and nutritional needs of the affected population. They also work to improve sexual and reproductive health, maternal, infant and child health in emergencies and have vast experience working in disaster-prone areas. DFY has received several awards like the SAARC Award (2010), The British Medical Journal Group Award (2009), Golden Ruby Award (2015) and recognition from state governments for their outstanding contribution to the humanitarian field. To support Doctors For You.

2. Rural Health Care Foundation

Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF) has been working for healthcare since 2009 and provides high quality and affordable primary medical care to low-income and underprivileged groups in West Bengal. Their aim is to make healthcare accessible to the poorest and the most deprived sections. RHCF has 17 centres operating across the state which include 12 centres in remote rural areas. Their goal is to continue improving the health and lives of the underserved who face social and financial challenges.

Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF)

Their healthcare centres provide patients with affordable medical consultations along with a week’s supply of free medication. To date, over 23 lakh patients have been treated at the RHCF centres. To support Rural Health Care Foundation

3. Swasth Foundation

Established in 2009 with the vision of ‘Health and Joy for All’, Swasth is on a mission to build a sustainable and accountable health ecosystem. The organisation’s network of primary healthcare centres provides affordable services to reduce out-of-pocket expenditure by over 50% for those in need.

Swasth Foundation

The centres are focused on enhancing the state of the physical, social, mental and emotional well-being of people. This is done through interventions like courses, classes, workshops and one-on-one interactions. The programmes are designed based on integrating various modalities of well-being like yoga, Ayurveda, nutrition, counselling, coaching, etc. To support Swasth Foundation, you can donate here.

4. Foundation for Mother and Child Health

This is a grassroots organisation that ensures healthcare and nutrition intervention for women and children in vulnerable communities of Mumbai. Their programmes encourage preventive health, balanced nutrition and child development practices in underprivileged settlements. To this effect, they have adopted a holistic approach to embrace, educating and empowering mothers and children in their social environment.

Foundation for Mother and Child Health

The FMCH Training Center in Mumbai was launched with the objective of developing a cadre of professionals across Maharashtra and eventually the entire country. Urban Nutrition Initiative and Project Poshan are nutrition-specific interventions where FMCH works closely with the families and large groups to promote good health, hygiene, and nutrition practices. Their programmes impact over 930 pregnant and lactating mothers annually. To support Foundation for Mother and Child Health.

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