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Help Arifa Get Her Voice Back

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Dear friends,

Our 13-year-old sister Arifa is facing a serious issue. Her vocal cords are compressed, and as a result, she is unable to speak. Arifa comes from a needy family in Chandan Nagar, Indore. Her father sells goods door-to-door to make ends meet.

Like other children, Arifa wants to chirp and laugh, but her voice problem has taken away her joy. Moreover, this issue could create difficulties for her prospects and relationships. The case is verified, and the solution to her problem is an operation costing 50,000/- (fifty thousand rupees).

We earnestly appeal to you to come forward and help Arifa. Your small contribution can bring immense happiness back into Arifa’s life. We pray that Allah rewards every helper abundantly. Ameen.

We will always be grateful for your support.

Thank you.


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